The Eyre Affair: Review

26 Feb

Imagine a world where one can literally get lost within the pages of a book; where people travel door-to-door debating the authenticity of Shakespeare’s works; where genetically-engineered dodo birds are beloved household pets. This is the setting of The Eyre Affair, written by Jasper Fforde.

The Eyre Affair takes place in Great Britain, in a futuristic 1985. Thursday Next, the novel’s heroine, is a SpecOps agent in the LiteraTec division – a group of detectives devoted to investigating literary crimes. The LiteraTec division is known for receiving relatively benign assignments. Yet that all changes when Jane Eyre is abducted from the pages of Bronte’s beloved novel. Now Thursday must find the villain within the pages of this literary masterpiece before the beloved heroine disappears forever.

The Eyre Affair was a very enjoyable read! Fforde fills each page with literary wit and allusions – a sort of scavenger hunt for book lovers. I have never read Jane Eyre (gasp!), yet I was able to understand many of the allusions to Bronte’s novel. After finishing this novel, I have resolved to read Jane Eyre next, a novel that has been on my TBR pile for quite some time. I am also determined to read more novels by Charles Dickens – another author who seems to hold a permanent position in my TBR pile. I love it when one book inspires me to read another!

This is the third book I read for the Mount TBR reading challenge; I am committed to reading twelve. I am finding that, as soon as I finish one book from my TBR pile, I add another book to it! Alas, that is the life of a reader.


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