I Am the Messenger: Review

12 Jan

The Book Thief is one of my favorite books. Ever. In fact, it’s one of the few books that I reread almost every year. Because of my enthusiasm for Zusak’s Holocaust-era novel, I was really looking forward to reading I Am the Messenger. While this was certainly an enjoyable read, I must admit that I was a little disappointed.

I Am the Messenger focuses on the ordinary life of Ed Kennedy, a nineteen year old cabdriver whose days are filled with work and card games. After foiling an attempted bank robbery, Ed receives a playing card in the mail. While the card itself is an unusual delivery, Ed is even more surprised by the three addresses written on it. Soon, Ed’s world is turned upside down as he delivers messages to the addresses written on the card. Although he is unsure why he has been selected to carry out this task, one thing is clear: Ed is the messenger.

The premise of I Am the Messenger is interesting. I enjoyed reading about how Ed, whose life has been unexceptional and mundane, is given the task of reaching out to others. The plot, though interesting, was often difficult for me to believe, especially at the end. In addition, I lost interest in some passages because Zusak relied heavily upon telling rather than showing. Overall, I Am the Messenger was an enjoyable read, but it was certainly not as gripping as The Book Thief.

This is the first book I completed for the Mount TBR reading challenge. Only 11 more to go …


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