Theme Thursdays: Happy

8 Dec

This week’s Theme Thursdays prompt focuses on the word “happy”. I’m currently reading The Book Thief, a fictional novel written by Markus Zusak about Nazi Germany. It may seem as if a novel about the Holocaust would not lend itself to the theme of happiness. Yet Zusak creates glimpses of sunshine throughout this dark story of life under the Hitler regime. In this novel, Liesel and Rudy find a “solitary corroded coin” lying forgotten on a Molching street (155). They are elated by their discovery and rush immediately to Frau Diller’s store to purchase mixed candy. Their lonely coin is  enough to purchase one sweet treat, which they share by alternating licks. This passage from The Book Thief shows Liesel’s and Rudy’s happiness as they enjoy their sugary treasure:

“‘This,’ Rudy announced at one point, with a candy-toothed grin, ‘is the good life,’ and Liesel didn’t disagree. By the time they were finished, both their mouths were an exaggerated red, and as they walked home, they reminded each other to keep their eyes peeled, in case they found another coin. Naturally, they found nothing. No one can be that lucky twice in one year, let alone in a single afternoon. Still, with red tongues and teeth, they walked down Himmel Street, happily searching the ground as they went. The day had been a great one, and Nazi Germany was a wondrous place” (155-156).



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