The Beginning

25 Jan

My goal as a Language Arts teacher is to transform my students into life-long readers. Although I am responsible for teaching state and school-mandated standards, my deepest wish is that students will leave my class with a love for books. Perhaps their literary journey can begin in my classroom.  

As I was considering my wish to create life-long readers, I began to consider where my own reading journey began. When did I first realize I loved reading? My love for reading began in third grade, when Miss S. read Matilda aloud. I don’t enjoy Roald Dahl’s writing. In fact, I don’t think I really cared for his books back then. But Miss S. had a way of breathing life into the characters. She read with enthusiasm and expression. She created a unique voice for each character. Read-aloud time was an escape, a chance to spread the wings of my imagination. Something clicked for me in third grade. I began to see that books are more than just pages of words bound together. Miss S. taught me the valuable lesson that reading is an experience. Thank you, Miss S., for this lesson. Now, it is my turn to share the gift of reading with my students.


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